Magic Tic-Tac Presentation


  • Name of economic operator: MAGIC TIC-TAC
  • Legal form: limited liability company
  • Head office: 3 Parc Industrial Street , Râmnicu Vâlcea
  • Registration number at O.R.C. by the Vâlcea Tribunal: J38 / 1326/1992
  • Fiscal registration certificate: RO 2617780
  • Share capital: 500,400 lei


  • processing, manufacturing, packing of fish
  • marketing (in specialized stores) of fish and fish products
  • distribution (food and alcoholic beverages)


Year of establishment: 1992 – wholesale (static) and retail trade activities.

Since 1997, it has been developing distribution activity in Ramnicu Valcea and in Valcea county, with a current portfolio of over 1,500 products.

In 2001, the fish processing, manufacturing and packing section was set up, followed by the opening, in 2002 of the first shop specialized in the marketing of fresh fish (in the central market of the town).

In 2009 the works for the new Industrial Park Warehouse are finalized, follwed by the fish processing unit at the end of the year 2015, with a processing capacity of 1,200 tons fish/year.


The fish processing unit has a capacity of about 1,200 tons / year. It can offer a rich variety of fish products and preparations: refrigerated fish, frozen fish, marinated fish, smoked fish, salted fish, and roe fish salad, and other fish preparations. The fish processing unit was recently completed on an area of 3,693 sqm (1,586 sqm, built area). Here are activities of reception, storage, processing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery of finished products. The fish processing unit of the company Magic Tic Tac Râmnicu Vâlcea uses state-of-the-art technologies in this industry, being a recently completed project co-financed by the Operational Program for Fisheries 2007-2013 (total value: 15,601,264 lei). This is where the latest manufacturing technologies meet with the experience of 15 years (2001-2016) of its own staff in the preparation and marketing fish products.


In its 24 years of activity, Magic Tic-Tac has developed an important storage capacity of goods and a distribution network. The staff involved in this activity is made up of delivery agents, administrators, manipulators, auto fleet coordinator, billing compartment, financial compartment. Storage areas total about 2,500m2.

Approx. 500 m2 are equipped with refrigerated storage areas approved for trade Community. The park owns 27 units. Distributed products: beer, wine, imported alcoholic beverages, sparkling alcoholic beverages, dairy products, natural juices, fresh and frozen fish , refrigerated and frozen poultry meat, sausages, canned fish, meat, vegetables.


The co-ordinating team of these activities has been experienced over the past 15 years fish production and 24-year food distribution. Magic Tic-Tac is a well-respected partner in its area of action, both by its business partners, public authorities and by its direct customers of these products. A rhythmic involvement in organizing actions in the benefit of people in need, increases the public image of this company.